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referral partner program

Anyone can join SitByCare’s referral program and become a Referrer. We offer two options. You can either register as a guest /unsigned user or as a signed user. Registering is free & requires a few easy steps but opens your door to an immense opportunity of lifetime rewards.

SitByCare Rewards for Our Guests :

SitByCare Rewards for Our Users :

We believe our users are our most powerful customer acquisition engine. Who better to advocate than a user itself ? If you sign up with SitByCare or are already a user you can easily sign up to become a referrer.
Once you become a referrer, SitByCare will give you an opportunity to earn lifelong rewards that will add up to become an extra source of earning if you are a sitter or earn SitByCare credit balance for patients to use towards booking.

In order for you to receive rewards your referral will have to sign up with SitByCare using your unique referral code. Every time a booking happens for each of your referrals, SitByCare will reward you with 1% of their booking amount for an unlimited period of time. We also offer rewards for your friends & families who sign up. You may add as many referrals. No Limit.
*Some Restrictions may apply