How to Find a Good Caregiver for Elderly Parents

Find a Good Caregiver for Elderly Parents

Are you finding it challenging to care for your elderly parents amid a plethora of other work and life commitments? Wish to have assistance that not only offers physical care but emotional support as well to your parents? Then hiring a professional caregiver is your best bet, offering comprehensive and well-thought-out assistance to your parents and supporting you to concentrate on what matters more concerning your parents’ well-being. 

But if you are a novice here and have no clue what a professional caregiver is and how to find a good caregiver for elderly parents who meet their needs best, allow this read to help you thoroughly. Let’s get started:

The Caregiver – Who is it?

A caregiver is someone who is professionally trained and certified to offer all-inclusive assistance to individuals who are unable to support themselves like healthy normal people by providing help with routine tasks and taking comprehensive and timely care of their medications and other healthcare necessities.

A practiced caregiver offers support in the following activities of daily living and beyond:

  • Assisting with bathing and personal hygiene
  • Dressing and grooming assistance
  • Meal preparation and feeding support
  • Mobility assistance (e.g., transferring, walking)
  • Medication management
  • Toileting and incontinence care
  • Assistance with a range of motion exercises
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Transportation and errands
  • Companionship and social engagement
  • Monitoring vital signs and health status
  • Assistance with medical appointments

What are the Sources to Find Skilled Caregivers for Your Parents?


This is one of the safest options for hiring caregivers. This involves asking for referrals from your community, and given the increasing rate of the elderly population, you are likely to have a friend or neighbor having elders taken care of by professionals. This is a trustworthy process as you get to witness how referred professionals are working with the relatives of your acquaintance. Further, your friends understand well your requirements regarding the care of your parents and hence offer the most well-suited reference.


Registries are platforms that connect caregivers with individuals seeking them for their unique needs. They have a pool of pre-screened and certified professional caregivers from which you can select the one that suits your requirements best. Further, these platforms also offer excellent feasibility in the search through filtered data. You can apply filters to have a pool of caregivers with the distinct factors you seek.


This is the most common and safest way to hire caregiver help. The agencies have a team of professionally trained and vetted professionals ready to offer help to the elderly. Although a bit expensive, it brings the utmost reliability and feasibility with it. When you employ a caregiver using an agency, you don’t have to go through the taxing process of interviewing and vetting, as agencies take care of all of it themselves. 

Moreover, you are never short of skilled assistance and can be free from constantly worrying about the care of your seniors as these agencies come with a built-in backup care system, offering well-timed help if, due to any reason, the assigned caregiver is unable to make their shift.

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How to Find a Good Caregiver for Elderly Parents – The Evaluation Criteria

Before going hunting for a perfect caregiver for your parents’ needs, having a proper understanding of what kind and scope of assistance is required by your parents is imperative to have the best possible option. 

Further, with the availability of so many caregiving options in the market, you should not just go with the first cost-effective option; rather, you ought to meticulously and comprehensively evaluate every potential caregiver on the basis of carefully thought-out criteria. 

If you are unsure about this whole setting, let us help you select the finest care for your parents. Read on to learn the most basic criteria upon which you should make your decision. 

Experience and Qualifications

It is highly recommended to assess whether the potential caregiver has experience and certifications for the type of care you require for your parents. For example, if your parents have dementia, you may require someone who is well-skilled in dealing with such individuals, offering well-delivered care per their unique needs. 

Reliability and Punctuality

It is important to evaluate a caregiver on the standards of reliability and attendance, as situations concerning older people are usually time sensitive. Ask for the past attendance record of the caregiver, check how their performance had been regarding dealing with emergency situations, and how they handle backup planning. 

References and Background Checks

When choosing a professional, ask for references from them. Contact those references and ask about everything that you deem important for the well-being of your seniors. Further, perform thorough background checks as well, like looking into deep for their history and criminal record. It will not only offer you mental peace but will also bring trustworthy assistance to your parents.

Skill Set

This comes in the essential factors for the physical care of your parents. It involves assessing the specific skills the caregiver possesses that are relevant to your parent’s needs. For instance, if your parent requires assistance with mobility, ensure the caregiver has experience in transferring techniques and using mobility aids. If medical care is necessary, verify their knowledge of administering medications or managing specific conditions.

Cost and Financial Arrangements

When it comes to cost, evaluating the caregiver’s abilities and the payment they are asking for in a comprehensive and broad frame is important. Evaluate the caregiver’s fees and discuss their payment structure. Understand what services are covered by the fees and whether there are any additional costs or hidden charges. Also, assess whether the caregiver’s rates align with your budget and if they offer payment options that suit your financial situation.

Gut Feeling and Feedback

Last but certainly not least, trust your instincts and pay attention to your gut feeling during the evaluation process. If something doesn’t feel right or you have concerns, address them and seek clarification. Additionally, gather feedback from your parents about their comfort level and satisfaction with the caregiver.

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Parents are the most vital familial connection, and it is natural that we feel extreme cautiousness in matters concerning their safety and well-being. With multiple life commitments, taking care of them by yourself is not a feasible option, and this is where caregivers step in, but it is also understandable if you are apprehensive about hiring them due to trust factors. However, with our read, we hope that you get a comprehensive understanding of how to put these trust issues to rest by hiring the finest possible and well-suited caregiver assistance for your seniors, employing our detailed evaluation criteria. 

So find supreme quality care for your parents and give them the means to thrive!


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