Can SitByCare deactivate my account?

At SitByCare, safety is our number one priority. In order to maintain a safe marketplace, we may deactivate your account if we find that you’re engaging in unsafe, fraudulent, or other inappropriate practices violating SitByCare ‘s terms of use.Your account may be deactivated for some of the following reasons (this is not an exhaustive list):

Safety-related concerns. Any behavior that puts someone at risk may result in account review or deactivation.

Account misuse. Examples include (but aren’t limited to) posting unlawful content, sending spam, or maintaining multiple accounts.

Harassment or other inappropriate conduct. Don’t useSitByCare Messages or other forms of communication to harass, belittle or abuse people you meet via SitByCare.

Offline payments. For bookings done through SitByCare.Inviting others to pay (or offering to pay) outside of SitByCare may result in account deactivation.


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