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Founded from the heart

SitByCare is a new and exciting vision for the future of healthcare and companionship founded in 2021 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by time spent at her daughter’s ICU bedside, the idea for SitByCare came when our founder observed that many patients in hospitals and care facilities were not able to have their loved ones by their sides due to work and other time commitments.

No longer would someone have to worry if they couldn’t be with their loved ones in a hospital, care facility, home or anywhere. In the world of SitByCare, technology allows everyone to get companionship where & when they need it in a day to day life situation.

On-demand health companionship

SitByCare is a feature packed companionship platform that matches patients, Individuals & families with companions in their local community, to ensure care during their stay at medical & care facilities. Through the SitByCare platform, you can sign up either to connect with a companion or become one.

SitByCare offers:

1.  On-demand & Virtual Siting
2.  Background checks
3.  HIPAA-compliance
4.  Secure payments
5.  Ongoing training
6.  Trust and safety

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