Titli, which means butterfly, was the loving
nickname Geetika had for Akanksha,
and now it’s the logo and central theme of
SitbyCare, as a tribute to Akanksha.

Akanksha was a freshman at University of Chicago and wanted to become a child neurologist.

Founded from the heart

Welcome to SitByCare, where health sitters are matched to patients deserving of companionship. Founder Geetika Sinha, a Masters in Accounting as well as a Bachelor in Education from University of Houton and then stay at home mom by choice, started this journey when her 
only child, Akanksha, spent 2.5 months in the hospital due to her illness. This long hospitalization exposed Geetika to one of the most uncomfortable realities patients and their families face in medical facilities—loneliness.

Geetika experienced the damaging effects loneliness can have on patients and their families firsthand. “For the first time, I saw, experienced, and realized how a patient’s life in a hospital could be so full of loneliness and despair,” said Geetika. “Even though I was going through my own trauma, at times, I envisioned the hospital to be more interactive, friendlier—an environment where patients can hope and feel better.”

On April 30, 2017, Geetika lost her 20-year-old daughter and gained a lifelong purpose. She committed herself to creating a service where no patient or family feels alone, and is aided along the treatment journey with warm and supportive companions.

Geetika’s vision of bringing companionship and care to patients who need additional support for when their loving family and friends cannot be there became the purpose-driven mission of SitByCare.

In a Modern Healthcare publication, it was noted that while the evidence on the impact of
loneliness is strong, research on effective solutions is still scarce. SitByCare is one solution that
can work to overcome the growing unmet need in patient care.

SitByCare is an impactful and rewarding platform where those interested in providing companionship and care
to people in medical and care facilities can receive comprehensive training, a flexible work schedule and high
hourly rates. And those seeking personalized care and companionship can feel confident knowing their needs
will be met, and their loved ones will benefit from reliable care they can count on bringing more hope and joy
into each other’s lives every day.

“I am very happy I have been able to come this far with the support of a great team, partnership with people who
have understood and believed in my vision and dedicated their time and effort to make it happen.” - Geetika

To learn more about SitByCare and how you can be the ONE to make a
difference, explore the site and consider signing up as a health sitter.

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